THEME:  Jesus Said  SECTION:  Gospel of St. Matthew

Thank you for taking the time to look at our lessons based on what Jesus said within the Gospel of St. Matthew, found in the New Testament.  If a lesson is 'underlined', then you are able to click on that link, and download the .pdf file.
 Description of Lesson
 Answer Sheets
 Sermon on the Mount - The Beatitudes
 Sermon on the Mount - Salt & Light, The Fulfilment of the Law
 Semon on the Mount - Murder
 Sermon on the Mount - Adultery, Divorce
 Sermon on the Mount - Oaths, Love for Enemies, Giving to the Needy
 Sermon on the Mount - The Lord's Prayer, Fasting
 Sermon on the Mount - Treasures in Heaven, Do not worry, Judging Others
 Sermon on the Mount - Ask Seek Knock.  The Narrow & Wide Gates
 Sermon on the Mount - True & False Prophets, True & False Disciples, The Wise & Foolish Builders
 Answer Sheets
 John the Baptist asks about the Messiah
 Jesus talks about repentance
 Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath
 Jesus rebukes the Pharisees and sets the correct path
 You have more with you now
 You must not look back to old ways
 Brothers, sister and mother
 The Parable of the seeds
 The Parable of the weeds
 The Parable of mustard seed and yeast
 The Parable of mustard seed explained
 More insights provided by Jesus
 The feeding of the five thousand
 Jesus walks on water
 Jesus talks about true cleanliness
 Answer Sheets
 A Gentile's faith
 The feeding of the four thousand
 Jesus refuses to give a sign
 Confusing the Disciples
 You are the Messiah
 Jesus predicts His death
 The Transfiguration
 Jesus heals an epileptic
 Jesus predicts his death a second time
 Paying tax in a unique way
 Family and forgiveness
 About divorce
 Little children and Jesus
 The cost of following Jesus
 The Parable of the workers in the vineyard
 Answer Sheets
 Jesus foretells his death a third time
 Jesus heals the blind
 Jesus enters Jerusalem
Jesus enters the Temple
 Jesus curses a fig tree
 A counter-question
 The Parable of the two sons
 The Parable of the tenants
 The Parable of the wedding banquet
 God of the living
 The top two Commandments
 The unaswerable question
 Hypocrisy and woes
 The destruction of the Temple
 Answer Sheets
 Jesus phrophesises a time of suffering
 I shall return
 Vigilance is essential
 The Parable of the ten virgins
 The Parable of the bags of gold
 The sheep and the goats
 And so it begins ....
 The Last Supper
 One will deny me
 The Garden of Gethsemane
 The Arrest
 Jesus before the Sanhedrin
 The Crucifixion