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  • Satan tempting Jesus
    Satan tempting Jesus
  • The Sermon on the Mount
    The Sermon on the Mount
  • John baptises Jesus
    John baptises Jesus
Satan tempting Jesus
Satan tempting Jesus
BibleHomework is here to help you learn about the Bible in easy-to-use lessons that enable you to study in a break, during lunch or any spare time that you do have.  The lessons are purposely designed to last for between 30 - 60 minutes and no more.

Our lessons come complete with associated answers, access to our Glossary and you can print certificates at any time for any coursework completed.

BibleHomework's lessons can be downloaded in a .pdf format, so you do need to have Adobe Acrobat to read our lessons.  Each lesson is split into sections to assist you.

Each lesson contains:

A Lesson and Reference Detail:  To help you in remembering what you have read.  Also if you ever need to contact us, then this is very helpful for us too!

The Bible Passage:  Each book in the Bible has chapters.  Each Chapter has Verses, and  ours are separate to help you focus.  Anything that is spoken by JESUS is in RED.  Anything that is spoken by a Prophet of God, or by GOD, is in BLUE.

A Summary:  This is a summary of what you would have just read, the story in brief.

People and Places:  We enclose a Glossary within each lesson of people or places who are named within the story.

Questions:  We then present a number of question for you or your group, to study, debate or deliberate on.  As a group, if you can write your answers down, you can then compare them to our Answers which are stored in a separate .pdf file.

This site is free to all, but we do ask if you can make a donation each time you use the site.  For further information, please look at our Donation page.